Home Tutoring (on line)

If you seriously consider improving your knowledge and school results, than this is the best tuition option on the tutorial market.

All what you need is your computer and to be available for tutoring at arranged time. Your tutor is explaining everything what you need on white board and you will watch and listen on your computer. You also can work on your whiteboard or notebook and your tutor will see everything what you write so he/she can correct you at the instant when you do mistake. Of course, you can talk with your tutor throughout the whole session. Basically, tutoring is exactly the same if you come to the centre or if you bring tutor at your home. However, there are plenty advantages of this tutoring option.

  • It is cheaper, because tutor’s expenses are smaller.
  • You don’t need to waste time going to the centre or getting ready for tutor to come at your home.
  • Parents will save on car and PETROL expenses and more importantly to save in an average 2 to 3 hours of their time just for one tutoring lesson.
  • You can record and save actual session with your tutor and to use it later at any time when you need without any extra cost.

You can choose group session or individual session. When choosing group session student has option to interact with other students participating on that session. Of course, you can disable this function and still to stay in group session. You don’t need any special softwares or devices. Your computer with camera is everything what you need.

What you can expect

  • To get knowledge of the highest standard in the fastest time.
  • To understand and memorise even the most complex concepts in an easy way because most of the concepts are broken down into simple steps and constantly revised with each question.
  • All your questions will be answered and concisely explained
  • To develop a high ability to apply theoretical knowledge and concepts while solving questions.
  • To extend your educational ability and to increase motivation as you discover that “knowledge is power” and studying is not such hard work.
  • You will develop a very high self-studying skill that is key for success and even more important than just knowledge of the subject as this skill will help you for studying other subjects also.
  • To learn how to think (especially in Mathematics).
  • To develop critical thinking skills and a scientific approach to problem solving, not only in Mathematics, but also in other subjects.
  • You will maximise your exam performance as you will develop confidence and independence in your thinking. That is because this method, unlike a home tutor, also practices independent thinking. This is, probably, the most important aspect of this tutoring method. Our statistical analysis shows that students taking this type of tutoring are performing on average at least 12% better than students taking a home tutor (when students with the same level of knowledge are compared). Students taking this form of tuition, as opposed to having a home tutor, also report feeling much more confident in their ability the night before their exams. This also indicates that their stress level is much lower.

Our statistical data shows that students generally improve within the first 2 to 3 months. The pace of improvement is higher as tutoring time is longer. Our tutoring is suited to students of all levels of knowledge. Students starting tutoring with a very low level of knowledge, will improve their knowledge for at least two levels after just 1 year, while average students finish the year in top 10% and students starting this tutorial with high knowledge, at the end of the tutorial can be proud as top VCE performers in Victoria.

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