How it works

When you book your Better Home Tutoring you will get:

  • DVD tutorial lessons
  • Text book of tutorial lessons
  • Homework help
  • Personal tutor
  • Tutor to come at your home

DVD Tutorial Lessons

There are about 80 to 90 hours (depending of year level) video tutorial lessons stored on a computer disc (s). Lessons are organised by chapters and each chapter by tutorial sessions. The author of video lessons is a tutor with over 35 years of tutoring experience with an outstanding tutoring success with thousands of students. He was equally successful with students of all levels of knowledge and abilities. He was also helping other tutors and teachers. Many of his formal students agree that he was one of few the best tutors.

The video lessons are original (without any changes) tutorial lessons of this tutor that he used to teach his students. His strong focus is on how to solve questions. However, his teaching philosophy is not to build up students’ knowledge by examples but, also not to go very deep in mathematical theory. In fact, he is giving theory just enough (almost in forms of notes) that everyone can get solid understanding of the topic. His stronger focus is on understanding of concepts in mathematics and how to apply them correctly and how to get right idea to solve particular question. He is using almost 1000 questions that he is working out on white board explaining to students techniques of how to apply theory and concepts on solving questions. He is repeating those techniques from question to question so that students who couldn’t get understanding at the beginning they can make it up in solving later questions, very often on questions from different chapters. This is actually permanent revision throughout the entire course. However, the most important fact of his tutoring success is coming from his purposely designed questions.

Questions, purposely created for those lessons, are based on students’ commonly asked questions modified by adding other aspects of the subject such as; plenty algebra, application of mathematical theory and development of mathematical concepts and all this with strong focus on tests and exam requirements. Since commonly asked student’s questions are questions from large diversity of student’s text books, teacher edition material, past tests, SACs and exams then, in each lesson there is a wide range of different style of questions. That difference of style of questions is helping students to learn mathematics with deeper understanding of theory and concepts that can be applied across the whole range of questions, rather than trying to apply some memorized patterns that usually can work only on some certain questions. Having this tutoring, students will no longer say “I have never seen that type of question” when doing their homework, tests and exams, as they will adopt working with different styles of questions.

Tutorial Textbooks

Tutorial textbooks are written by the same author and their contents is the same as contents of video tutorial. To read more about tutorial textbooks and to see sample pages click here

Homework help

Even though video lessons and tutorial books have enough questions and explanations that any homework, test, SAC or exam question can be solved without any problem, still someone sometimes may need some extra help for homework. For students who are taking Better Home Tuition this help is free of charge if the volume of work is reasonable. Click here to read full details of Homework Help.

Personal Tutor

To ensure that everyone will gain full benefits of Better Home Tuition you will get (you can choose from our database) a personal tutor (free for limited hours) who will take complete care of your progress. This tutor will work with you on webcam when you need him/her. Even though if you are not requesting personal tutor, he/she, still will call you from time to time to make sure that your progress is satisfactory. This help is really good and we encourage students to use personal tutor as they have some free hours of this service.

Tutor to visit you at home

We are sure that you don’t need any extra help if you use Better Home Tuition. However if you have some very specific question or problem you can ask for some tutor to come to your home. That tutor can be your personal tutor if he/she lives close to your place but also can be somebody else. However the tutor will teach you similar like video tutor because all our tutors are trying to work on the same way. It may happen, depending of your location and tutor’s availability that we can’t provide you with this service. This service is extra payable but you have discount of about 30%. If you prefer you can use this service by asking for tutor on line (skype) and to get further discount.

In Conclusion

You can order DVD lessons for complete subject. We strongly recommend that even if you are in second semester as you may miss something or to upgrade your knowledge from earlier chapters. However, if you like to improve knowledge from one or a few particular chapter(s), you may order DVD lessons for that particular chapter(s). Finally, you can order just one or a few sessions.

Orders up to 10 hours of DVD lessons (up to 230 dollars value) must be paid at the time when you submit your order and DVD’s will be sent by post to your postal address. Orders larger than 10 hours of DVD lessons (more than 230 dollars value) also can be paid at the time of submission the order but, if you prefer, you can pay for those orders at the time when DVD is delivered to your address. You will be notified about delivery time and recipient must be on provided address to receive DVD’s and to make payment.

View Sample Lesson and click on link below for your subject to check contents and fees and Click here to fill the form or call us to book your tutoring.