Unique Tutoring Strategy

At our tutorial school we definitely don’t take our responsibility lightly. Instead, we see it as a very demanding job of high responsibility. We have in mind that our role is to help very young people with their education (and hence their personal development) and we strive to have a positive memorable impact on their lives. For this reason our tutoring efforts must be above the expectations of both our students and their parents. To achieve this we employ a unique and highly successful tutoring strategy. That strategy has proven itself over so many years because many of our former students, now very educated and successful people, are telling us that we have had a significant impact on the success in their lives.

Our strategy is to implement our concept based and exam oriented tutoring  correctly to each individual student. The implementation process is very complex as each student has different personality, interests and studying ability and as such he/she is a unique person. That is why we are calling our strategy a “unique tutoring strategy”, as it is adapted to each individual student.

The tutoring job (if done correctly) is not just sitting with students and showing answers to some questions. It is much more than that, as each student needs to get a deeper knowledge of the subject, to develop a higher studying ability, to develop independent and effective learning skills and an analytical way of thinking in any study area. So there is definitely plenty more thought and work that goes behind each 1.5hr weekly session.

Our tutoring strategy is unique because we are providing unique concept based and exam oriented tutoring and we have a unique management system to ensure implementation of that strategy.

We can make progress with anyone. Just call us for a further discussion.