Tutoring at the centre

Small Group Tuition

The small group session program has proven to be the best option for students residing in relatively close proximity from the tuition center and who appreciate the benefits of working in groups. Groups are very small (5 students). All students in a group are the same level and with similar abilities. Sessions are conducted by tutors with excellent group teaching skills. Students have necessary individual attention but also they are working together on topics they currently do at their schools. Students use our study material and after each attended session they are supplied by study material for that session (for Mathematics see Mathematics Tutorial Books

The Small group sessions program consists of a specific number of sessions throughout the school year. Normally, it is one session (session is 1.5 hours) per week for all subjects (except Mathematics Year 11 and 12). For year 11 Mathematics there is an average of 1.2 sessions per week, while for year 12 it is about 1.4 sessions per week. All sessions are designed to cover the whole study design for that year, with a strong focus on more difficult areas of each subject. The sessions are designed to enable students to not only learn from their tutor but also from each other, both of which are essential for the most comprehensive learning. We ensure that all students working together are at a similar level which enables them to ask questions and interact in a way that enhances their understanding. The small group number also enables each student to receive adequate individual attention from their tutor. The usual structure of these sessions involves:

  • A theoretical explanation of the area being studied.
  • Working through the most critical concepts of the area being studied.
  • At each session students will receive copies of material for the next session allowing them to come to sessions fully prepared and thus gets the most out of their tuition.
  • Students are expected during the week to complete the questions given at each session as well as their school homework.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions during classes and are given comprehensive answers.
  • During each session students will get help (if needed) for their school homework as well as for any question of their interest.

Going through this program students are provided with a thorough knowledge and better study skills in their chosen subject. VCE students in particular will be given the best examination techniques and common mistakes from past examination papers, SACS and tests. Our tutors take responsibility and work together with students to ensure their success. Simply, everything is done that is needed so that the students can achieve their goals.

Individual Tuition (one-to-one)

The session structure is almost the same as for Small Group Tuition but student will have full tutor’s attention over the entire session. This option is usually taken by students feeling less comfortable working in small groups or for those with some other commitments at the time when small group sessions are scheduled.

This tuition method (Small Group Classes and Individual Tuition) has been immensely popular at our school for a long time and it allows students to achieve their full potential, and beyond, at an affordable fee. Call us to find out more, or fill the Application form and our first available consultant will contact you very soon.