Our Tutors

We understand that we can’t grow our high tutoring reputation without tutors who are not able to satisfy the importance of the tutoring job and to follow our tutoring strategy. That is why we are selecting experienced and proven tutors and working with them (not just training them) to ensure their success in this demanding and responsible work. So, our tutors:

  1. Have a very high standard of knowledge; they are experts in the particular subject they teach.
  2. All of our tutors have extensive tutoring experience (some have over 20 years of experience).
  3. They possess a natural ability to transfer their knowledge and to explain the most complex concepts in an easy and concise way.
  4. They have excellent communication skills and they know how to communicate with people on all levels and people of different ages and cultures.
  5. They have clear understanding of the current Curriculum of the subject they teach and excellent understanding of Australian education system, in particular for Victoria.
  6. They understand our unique methodology of teaching.
  7. They are from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, but all of them are native English-speaking or have an excellent command of English.
  8. They have a variety of educational backgrounds (e.g. Masters/PhD degrees or degrees from highly ranked Universities) and professional backgrounds (e.g. registered teachers, engineers, scientists, researchers and so on).
  9. All tutors are able to follow our unique tutoring strategy  and to implement our concept based and exam oriented tutoring method.
  10. Tutors have their own tutoring material for most of the subjects, and for Mathematics all tutors are using our Tutorial Books

When you fill out an Application form you will tell us a bit more about yourself so that we can assign the right tutor for you, according to your needs. After the first few sessions when your tutor gains a better idea of your needs we may recommend another tutor for you, or we may assign you to a different tutor if you need. So we are working together with you. Just chose your preferred tutoring option and fill the application form or give us a call for further information on how to start working with us.