Your Opportunity to "Learn and Earn"

In addition to improving the knowledge and academic development of our students, one of our other big concerns is to make our service affordable to all. We are trying to keep our fees as low as possible and so far we are succeeding in that, because our tutoring fee is below the average tuition fees in Victoria. On the other hand, in order to provide high quality tutoring we are incurring high expenses to run our services. Marketing and advertising is taking the largest amount of those expenses and here we see the opportunity for us to reduce our cost of running our business and for parents to reduce their cost for tutoring.

The system is simple; instead of paying expensive and often ineffective advertising media we can pay back the parents (or students) who introduce our tutoring to their friends. Simply, bring some of your friends (or other family members) for tutoring with us and you will receive 10 cents for each dollar they spend.

You can “earn” even if you don’t “learn” with us. Anyone who can bring some students to us will receive the above commission. This can be an easy, good part time income for as long as the students you have recommended to us are coming to us.

You can register your interest by calling 0405 213 375