Maths (grade 7 to 12) Homework Help

With our homework help you will get solid knowledge of the topic and detailed instructions needed for easy and quickly completion of your homework. Many students using our homework help as the only tutoring option.   

Helping students to do their homework has the same aim as our other tutoring lessons and that is to develop solid knowledge of the subject. While for all other our tutorial options we have an intensive interaction with student and we use the best possible questions as a teaching examples, with homework help, tutor uses students homework questions to explain needed concepts, often by writing and sometimes by phone.

There are two different ways that we may help in homework
1.         To email to us your actual homework and we will send you concise explanation of how to do it.
2.         To search our homework database consisted of previous home works and organized by year levels and chapters

Emailing your actual homework

This way of help is free to all students if tutor explanation doesn’t exceed one full page. However, it is still subject to tutors’ availability. If more than one page needed than fee of $10 is payable for each additional page (first page is free). For normal homework contest, usually, two to three pages of explanation needed.

How it works
You will email contest of your homework. Tutor will send you quote on how much you need to pay (if you should pay). Upon receiving your payment tutor will write instruction for your homework and email to you. You should allow up to 48 hours to be finished everything. 

Homework database (currently unavailable)

Each homework sent to us and our instructions are stored in our homework database. All our active students have free access to this database. All other students (who are not taking tutorial lessons with Capital Tuition) can get full access to this database for as little as $10 for monthly subscription fee. Please note, we can't guarantee that you will find exactly the same homework. It is more likely to find always something very similar that still will help you to complete your homework. However, we recommend searching our database first and if you can’t find satisfactory instructions, than emailing your actual homework to us.  

For more information on how to use our homework, please call us and we will assist you.

Please note that we do not do the homework with the student but instead we are helping students with knowledge and concepts needed to complete their homework. In some cases we may chose one or a few homework questions to work out just to show correct application of theory and concepts.