Concept based and exam oriented tutoring

As a result of our long-term experience with tuition, and our highly dedicated team of tutors, we have developed highly successful tuition methods. To develop these methods, we not only taught our students but we also strived to learn from them. We learned about their major and most common problems in their studying activities and we identified 4 major categories of these problems.

  1. Lack of theoretical knowledge.
  2. Superficial concept or no concept at all for solving the question.
  3. Very low and inadequate foundation knowledge
  4. Inability to deal with different styles of questions

So, we realised that just simply helping students to solve some questions, it is not the right tutoring technique as students will still be left with the above problems. Instead, we developed a different tutoring approach that will eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, all of above-mentioned problems. That is our concept based and exam oriented tutoring.

Why concept based and exam oriented? What is happening with theoretical knowledge and foundation? Firstly, having a right concept (idea) on how to do something is more than half of the job. Secondly, teachers in schools are usually showing students a few worked examples and don’t have the time to explain the concepts and ideas, as the content of subjects is very demanding and they are time-limited to finish the course. So we realise that tutoring should fill that gap. On the other hand, to provide a student with a clear concept, the theoretical knowledge is also needed. So concept understanding and theoretical knowledge must be provided to the student together. The term “concept” means one very complex process of thinking. This process often confuses students and so they are trying to avoid it. This leads to difficult and ineffective work which is, unfortunately, supported by many tutors out there and school teachers. Our tutoring strategy is to break up the concepts for students into simple steps in a logical order that will afford students with a full and comprehensive understanding of an entire topic, yet in an easy way that the students like.

In parallel, we also improve the students’ foundation (background) skills. We have also developed tutoring questions which require solid foundation knowledge. Going through a very large number of our tutoring questions, students are improving session by session their foundation skills without any interruption of the topic they are currently studying.

Our tutoring is also exam oriented, because achieving maximum grades on final exams is the ultimate goal. That is why our tutoring will present to students all examination requirements and help students to adapt to the style of questions they will get on their exams. Students will learn how to read questions correctly, how to set the right strategy for working out the question, how to identify the knowledge needed to solve the particular question, how to start working out the question, how to present their knowledge to the examiner, how to clearly express their ideas and how to express answers correctly. Student will also learn how to understand differently formulated questions, how to handle work with different notation and many other examination aspects. Working with us, students will no longer, after their exam, say, “I have never seen that type of question!”.

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